Hirado Kohsyo Danemon Kiln

As the direct descendant of Goryeo-on, one of the founders of the Mikawachi Ware in Nagasaki Prefecture, Hirado Kohsyo Danemon Kiln has been carrying on the technique for 400 years and is highly regarded both in Japan and abroad for its outstanding technique and artistic sensibility in design.

About Hirado Kohsyo Danemon Kiln

Hirado Kohsyo Danemon Kiln is a direct descendant of Goryeo-tteog, who established Mikawachi ware in the 16th century. Mr. Taiyo Nakazato, now in his 18th generation, specializes in underglaze blue and delicate decorations that make the most of beautiful white porcelain.

This kiln has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad, including by the Imperial and Royal Families, and has gained increasing value as a work of art.

Chrysanthemum Ornamental Work

Hirado Kohsyo Danemon Kiln specializes in chrysanthemum decoration work, which is made of porcelain clay using thin bamboo tools with delicate and outstanding technique. It is, so to speak, a porcelain flower sculpture. Each petal is carved by hand by artisans. When carved, each petal stands out sharply, but when glazed and fired, it develops the softness of a natural chrysanthemum.

The work was designated as an intangible cultural property of Sasebo City in 2014, and as an intangible cultural property of Nagasaki Prefecture in 2021. This traditional technique has been handed down from generation to generation in their kiln.