Hasami Fukuhou Kiln

Fukuhou Kiln is a 50-year-old Hasami ware kiln, famous for its skilled hand-painted "Sometsuke" and "Akae" products. If you entered the studio and looked at the works of the artisans of Fukuhou Kiln, you would realize that even the most delicate and subtle lines were drawn without hesitation. It is truly craftsmanship. Among the many Hasami ware kilns, Fukuhou kiln has an established reputation for the delicate painting of the "Tokusa"(vertical stripe) pattern, and this series has become a long seller.

In recent years, Hasami ware has gained popularity for its ease of use and modern style and has been attracting attention among Japanese young people. This Fukuhou kiln has also succeeded in combining traditional techniques with modern needs. The tableware is easy to use, has a warm shape, and is stylish enough to complement your food, making you want to use it every day.

About Fukuhou Tokusa

A simple but sophisticated design that has been loved for over 40 years

The "Tokusa" series of Hasami Pottery's Fukuhou Kiln was first produced in 1976. For more than 40 years, it has been the best seller and loved by generations. It has all the necessary items for a Japanese dining table, such as rice bowls, teacups, plates, and teapots. Rather than being glamorous, the neat appearance, thin and elegant shape and atmosphere is a great example of old Japanese tableware, which also match the modern dining table.

The finest Tokusa drawing works

"Tokusa" refers to the pattern of vertical stripes. It is the name of a fern that grows near water and grows straight up to a meter long. In Japan, it has long been used as a pattern for tableware.

Fukuhou Kiln is known for its excellent Tokusa drawing, one of the best in the Hasami ware production area. They use a unique brush with three separate tips, which could draw three lines at once. It takes meticulous skill and focus to draw a thin line vertically both inside and outside of the products.

Little about Hasami ware

Hasami ware refers to ceramics made near Hasami-town in the north-central part of Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami ware has a history of more than 400 years and still boasts a 16% share of the market for daily use tableware. But for a long time it was sold as "Arita-yaki", which is mainly produced in the neighboring town, and its name was not well known until recently. Hasami town is surrounded by mountains and the southeastern part of the town produces stones that are used to make Hasami ware.

Signature Products

Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Rice Bowl

The neat appearance, thin and elegant shape, and atmosphere will match any dining table. The silhouette of this rice bowl that has been loved for a long time has a solid base and is stable. In fact, it is easy to hold in your hands and also prevent slipping when washing dishes. 

There are three types available: small, medium, and large, so please choose the one that best suits your taste.

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Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Japanese Teapot

This Japanese Teapot is a generous size of 850ml(28.8oz). 
The wavy lines on the body and around the top lid are distinctive and reminiscent of the beautiful sea of Nagasaki, where Hasami ware is produced. The glaze applied to the rim around the top lid gives it an elegant finish that is not too casual.

The tea strainer is called a "Sasame" which is attached directly to the inside of the teapot. This allows the tea leaves to circulate easily inside the pot, making the tea more fragrant. This is especially suitable for drinking high quality Japanese tea.

The top lid in on properly, so it seems to be able to brew tea without letting the steam escape.

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