Kakinuma Ningyo

Kakinuma Ningyo is a studio specializing in Edo Kimekomi Dolls established in 1950. While pursuing a variety of original techniques, the studio has been eager to create innovative dolls that match the sense of beauty of the times.

Charm of Dolls Made by Kakinuma Ningyo

The appeal of Edo Kimekomi Dolls created by Kakinuma Ningyo is its carefully selected materials, creative use of shapes and colors, and its constant exploration of new doll styles that are not overly traditional.

In addition to the most traditional seasonal dolls (Sekku Ningyo), they also incorporate popular characters and motifs such as Hello Kitty and Lucky Cat to create an exciting lineup of dolls that are a joy to behold.

Especially, the Lucky Cat series was born out of a wish to "expand the opportunities for people to have access to Edo Kimekomi Dolls”, and has been attracting attention in the wake of the worldwide trend toward cat motif items.

All Kimekomoi Dolls made by Kakinuma Ningyo are original, traditional masterpieces that you will want to display for a long time, and each doll is carefully handcrafted by craftsmen to bring joy and admiration to those who see them, using carefully selected fabrics, innovative costumes, and color schemes.

What is Edo Kimekomi Dolls?

Kimekomi Dolls are said to have originated about 270 years ago, from 1736 to 1741, when carved wooden dolls were made in Kyoto using surplus from the making of ritual equipment for shrines, and then dressed with scraps of shrine garments. Later, as the city of Edo developed, doll makers moved from Kyoto to Edo and developed Kimekomi Dolls in the Edo style.

The palm-sized Kimekomi dolls, meticulously sculpted and dressed in beautiful silk kimonos, have a strong presence and are beloved as art pieces that highlight traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

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