Kawai Wakasa Chopsticks

Kawai Chopsticks is based in Obama city, Japan since 1943. Obama city is well-known production area for chopsticks called “Wakasa Nuri-bashi” (Wakasa lacquer chopsticks), and it has over 80% of share of chopsticks manufacture in Japan. While they maintain the rich history and tradition of Wakasa lacquer chopsticks, they always try to meet modern society’s needs: modern designed chopsticks which would fit any kinds of cuisine, chopsticks which is dish-washer safe, chopsticks for kids or elderly people, chopsticks made of environmentally friendly materials, and more.

Signature Products

Perfect Fit Dishwasher Safe Chopsticks

Choosing the right chopsticks for your hand is the first step to enjoying a comfortable and stress-free meal.

The Perfect Fit series offers chopsticks that are most comfortable and yet look beautiful when held in your hands. The indentations on the handles are calculated not only to give a sophisticated impression, but also to fit your hand and make it easy to hold.

The non-slip finish on the tips of the chopsticks makes them ideal for noodles. The chopsticks are coated with a dishwasher-safe urethane coating for daily use.

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Ideal length of chopsticks for your hand

In general, the ideal size is 1.5 times the length from the index finger to the thumb when the thumb and index finger are spread out at 90 degrees.

Perfect for the whole family!
Available in a variety of sizes

Perfect Fit Dishwasher Safe Chopsticks are available in six different sizes. If you don't know the exact hand size, please refer this.