Nambu Ironware
"Japanese ‘Tekki’ Cast Ironware"

Nambu ironware, a representative of Japanese ironware, is a collective term for the pure iron casting crafts of the Mizusawa region and Morioka City area of Iwate Prefecture. The name comes from the fact that it was made in the area known as the Nanbu domain in the past.

The appeal of Nambu ironware, which has been loved throughout the generations, is not only its simplistic beauty, but also its many functional merits of being durable and easy to use in daily life.

Populer Items

Iron Kettle

Nambu Cast Ironware, the pride of Japan's Tohoku region, is famous for its "Tetsubin" (iron kettle) in terms of its design and functionality. The iron kettle made of pure iron contains high quality iron in the water it is poured into, making it easy to take iron supplements and help maintain your daily health.

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Iron Trivet

The robust yet delicate design of Nambu ironware harmonizes well with any interior decor while maintaining a Japanese style. If you use an iron kettle or iron teapot together with an iron trivet, you will not have to worry about damaging the table.

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Iron Tea Pot

Nambu ironware teapots are more stylish and varied in their design, and are easy to use. It has a high heat retention capacity, so the brewed tea does not get cold easily, also the enameled interior is easier to clean.

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Ideas for Use

Nambu ironware is an ancient tool that has been used in Japan since the 17th century, yet iron kettles can be used either on an electric stove or over an open fire, making it cookware that blends in well with modern life.

Water boiled and food cooked with Nambu Ironware contain high quality iron, so Nambu ironware is also useful for adding health to your diet. We recommend that get ironware and iron trivet together.

Nambu ironware is often thought to be difficult to care for, but if you keep the care points in mind, daily maintenance is very easy, and it is a very sturdy and reliable tool that can be used for over 50 years. For detailed information on how to use and care for your Nambu ironware, please check out this page.

Popular Makers

Nambu Ironware

The Mizusawa Iron Casting Industry Cooperative, which produces Oshu Nambu ironware, was established in 1954 and has many members, from traditional craftsmen to emerging artists, who are active mainly in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture.

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