Nishijin Ori Brocade
"Luxury Silk Textile of Traditional Culture of Kyoto"

Nishijin Ori is a brocade that is a yarn-dyed textile produced in “Nishijin”, which is a name of the northwest area of Kyoto. It has a long history, dating back to the Heian period (794-1185), and is characterized by the use of beautifully dyed threads and patterns woven using a variety of techniques.

Because they are produced in small quantities in a wide variety, they are highly scarce and valuable fabrics that can be used for a long time, passing from one generation to the next.

In 1976, it was designated as a Japanese traditional craft, and today, this luxurious three-dimensional woven art is widely known around the world as a representative silk textile of Japan.

Charm of Nishijin Ori

The charm of Nishijin Ori is the beautiful three-dimensional patterns which are precisely planned by the yarn-dyeing technique (weaving the pattern after dyeing the threads). It is more durable and wrinkle-resistant than the common piece dyeing method, making it a very luxurious and artistic textile.

Instead of mass production, Nishijin Ori is produced in small quantities, which is worked under a division of labor. The products are known as the most authentic and beautiful textiles for Obi belt for Kimono in Japan because of its beauty of color using more than 50 colors of threads and patterns precisely woven.

Moreover, In its history of more than 1,000 years, Nishijin Ori have produced a diverse range of decorative textiles, and have made great strides in tradition, such as the introduction of jacquard weaving in the Meiji period (1868-1912). Today, in addition to Obi belt and other traditional Japanese Kimono items, Nishijin Ori are also producing scarves, neckties, as well as other textiles for modern clothing.

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Kikyoya produces Japanese accessories by utilizing the most luxurious Japanese textile techniques, such as Yuzen silk dyeing and Nishijin Ori, which have been inherited from Kyoto, while exploring modern Japanese aesthetic styles.

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