Oshin Kiln

The Oshin Kiln was opened in 1685 as a domain kiln of the Omura Domain and produced many ceramics throughout the Edo and Meiji periods. According to the "Gouson-ki", an old document of the Omura clan, there are 39 kiln chambers in the Oshin Kiln, and its total length is described as 170 meters(558ft). It is said to be the largest and longest climbing kiln in the world at present. The current Oshin Kiln was built in the Showa period (1926-1989) on the site of the former Oshin Kiln and aims for further development while passing on the techniques and thoughts of its predecessor potters.

Oshin Kiln Pink Rabbit/ Blue Bear Series 

Oshin Kiln is also located in Hasami-cho and has a long history of Hasami Ware production.
The gentle colors and designs of Oshin Kiln make their items perfect for a child's first tableware set.