Fukunishi-Sobe Shoten 

Fukunishi-Sobe Shoten was started by taking over the lacquerware division from the main family, which had been in existence for 13 generations since the early Edo period. They have developed their products over time by figuring out "what must not be changed and what must be changed". In addition to the lacquering technique that makes the most of the moist luster of lacquerware, the company has handed down the unique decorative techniques of Aizu, such as Aizu-e painting with motifs of pine, bamboo, plum, and ceremonial arrow, and the spinning wheel. Fukunishi Sobe's lacquerware flexibly incorporates modern industrial technology, and is a special product that has a high artistic value as well as an aspect of being daily use items with which long-time use gives an additional charm. 

About Fukunishi Sobe Shoten

Fukunishi-Sobe Shoten, which has a 100-year history, is located in Aizuwakamatsu City, which is the central city of the Aizu region in Fukushima Prefecture, and is a beautiful castle town surrounded by rich nature. Tsurugajo Castle, with its splendid red roof tiles, watches over the city, and there are many long-established shops, storehouses, and elegant gardens that remind us of the history of the city and make us feel nostalgic.

The current owner, Mr. Masaki Fukunishi, is the fourth generation. Since 1919, when the first generation of Sobe split off from the Fukunishi family, which had been in existence for 13 generations since the Edo period, his family has been operating a lacquerware store on Nanoka-machi Street in Aizu Wakamatsu City.In today's fast-paced world, Fukunishi-Sobei Shoten is dedicated to the mission of handing down the tradition of Aizu lacquerware that has a long history and timeless charms. In addition to the traditional Aizu lacquerware, they continue to propose lacquerware that matches the modern lifestyle.

Signature Products

Fukunishi Sobe Red Chrysanthemum Aizu Lacquer Sakazuki Flat Sake Cup with Stand

This Sakazuki Sake cup is relatively large and has a shallow shape. The gorgeous chrysanthemum pattern and vermilion color are beautiful and perfect for drinking sake at festive occasions. When sake is poured, the painting becomes even more beautiful with its glossy reflection.

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Fukunishi Sobe Pine, Bamboo and Plum Aizu Lacquer Soup Bowl

This soup bowl is hollowed out from Japanese horse chestnut, which is the best material for wood bowls. It has a slightly matte texture in calm black color.The lacquering process, from the base coat to the top coat, has been inspected for designation as a traditional Aizu lacquerware craft.

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