The contemporary Mino ware brand MERU, produced by Marukuni Ito in 2022, is the finest tableware, a crystallization of the joy of handicraft and the pride of craftsmanship, which makes the most of the skills and characteristics of each Mino ware craftsman. Marukuni Ito is a ceramics wholesaler that has supported the Mino ware market share for over 70 years. 

About "MERU"

MERU is a brand launched in 2022 by Marukuni Ito, as a crystallization of the finest technology of Mino ware, which has a history of over 1,300 years and accounts for approximately 60% of the national market share in terms of tableware production. MERU’s tableware combines the fine forms with the gentle atmosphere of handcrafted ceramics, while also maintaining a colorful and modern design with a Japanese tradition. It is like the tableware used in fine restaurants, with a design and user-friendly features that enhance the visual beauty of food.

The wholesaler and producer, Marukuni Ito, has built a partnership with a kiln and respects the values and skills of the craftsmen who work on MERU, working together to create a unique products.

Characteristics of MERU's Tableware

MERU's tablewares are characterized by a rich variety of glazing techniques that delight the eye, and the combination of softness and modernity shapes that can only be achieved by handcrafting. The gentle atmosphere of those pieces are diligently crafted, in hopes of comfort and ease of use.

In addition, it is a unique design that incorporates traditional techniques into a contemporary style with the silhouettes and colors that are unlike anything else on the market today. MERU's tableware will adds a neat impression and sparkle joy to your dining table.

Feature Collection


Flamenco is a series born from an exploration of "color". The characteristic yellow hue is warm with a slight reddish tinge, which is described as "Yamabuki Iro" in Japanese. The name "Yamabuki Iro" comes from the "Yamabuki"(Japanese kerria), which has lovely yellow flowers in spring.

It took more than a year to find a kiln that could produce the ideal color, and by using stoneware instead of porcelain, a beautiful warm color with a rustic feel was achieved. The texture of the earthenware, the slightly iron-powdered look, and the caramel-colored outer rims, which serves as a point of reference, combine to create a unique color.

This "Flamenco" series has an emotional appeal that evokes the scenery of the mountain trail full of warm yellow flowers reflecting the sunlight. 


The series is characterized by a moody green color, reminiscent of a deep forest. Instead of shiny, bright gems, the design is chic and modern, featuring subdued tones and matte textures like Jade gemstones.

Multiple glazes of different properties are crossed to create a unique, deep, layered color. Because it is more difficult to adjust the tint than those using a single glaze, years of wisdom and experience are required.

The flat bottom and raised rim shape make it easy to serve and suitable for foods with a lot of liquid. The simple yet trendy shape makes it ideal for both everyday use and for those seeking a restaurant-like atmosphere.


This plate series, named Granis, looks lovely on the dining table, combining the natural and modern impression that is characteristic of MERU the new Mino ware brand, with the softness of handicrafts.

The earthen tones often seen in Japanese tableware are expressed in a contemporary design. The brown clay base is covered with a stone-like pale gray glaze, creating an organic atmosphere. Moreover, the glossy glaze gives the bowl an elegant presence without being too plain.

This deep plate is suitable for soupy dishes and salads with plenty of sauce or dressing, as well as Japanese cuisine, giving it an all-around versatility that makes it easy to match with any dish.

"Touto" Bowl with Lid

This bowl with a lid was born from the idea that “tableware is Kimono for cuisine". A contemporary interpretation of traditional Japanese tableware, the bowl has been given a modern look through the expression of light-colored glaze and the beauty of its silhouette.

The highest quality gold and silver are used for the overglaze painting to achieve a luster that will never fade. The work of overglaze painting in millimeters, where no mistakes are allowed, is an amazingly delicate and serious craftsmanship. 

Although it has a lid, which is typical of Japanese tableware style, its simple design makes it easy to match with any dishes, and you will enjoy serving it creatively with various ideas, such as as a dessert cup as well as a soup or a Donburi rice bowl.