Tasei Kiln
"Hearty Arita Tableware"

Tasei Kiln has been running as a kiln of Arita Ware for more than 60 years since 1956. They create tableware in a variety of unique shapes, not only round and square, and make friendly and hearty products based on the concept of decorating the tabletop with liveliness.

Musubi Series

The charm of Tasei Kiln's products is in their unique, simple, and easy-to-use designs, as well as in the delicate colors used in their painting. There is a series of products that will brighten up your tabletop.

Their "Musubi" series is designed perfectly for celebratory occasions, inspired by the auspicious and traditional Japanese craftwork called "Mizuhiki." There are designed to be simple yet elegant, and will go well with any other table setting.

Sakura Pink Series

The Pink Sakura Series is a collection of beautiful items decorated with pale pink and cheery sakura flowers on a shining glaze. Two skilled female artisans with over 40 years of experience paint the intricate and graceful patterns, and coat each item with a luster glaze. Recreating the pink hues is a special challenge due to the consistency of the paint. And accurately masking the surface to coat the areas without the sakura patterns also calls for extreme precision and years of experience.

The items from the Sakura Pink Series make for an eye-catching collection of teaware that will brighten up your table top. Although commonly associated with the arrival of spring, the sakura blooms on these items are timeless and can be used any time throughout the year.

Chawanmushi Series

The Chawanmushi series is a distinctive collection conceived by the previous generation of Tasei Kiln after continuously exploring to create vessels that highlight the kiln's strengths and features. Although a Chawanmushi bowl is a single vessel, the manufacturing process involves many steps and requires skilled workmanship to achieve a well-balanced combination of the lid and body.

Originally crafted for use in high-end restaurants, this quality is now made available for enjoyment in the comfort of one's home. With this, authentic flavor and atmosphere can be savored through making Chawanmushi.