Chie Sakurai

Chie Sakurai is a Kutani Ware artist working at Soukyu Kiln. She is known for creating a wide range of works, from familiar patterns of plants and animals to patterns incorporating traditional patterns.

In order to give a soft atmosphere to her works, she takes the time and effort to create her pieces from underglaze painting to overglaze painting, which is rare among Kutani Ware artists. Her works are both unique and accessible for everyday use, and are sure to touch the hearts of all who see it.

Each piece is hand-painted by brush using Japanese paints called "Wa-enogu", one of the characteristics of Kutani Ware, and the painted areas are slightly thickened.

While utilizing the vividly colored characteristics of Kutani Ware, the excellent sense of color and patterns are arranged in a modern style.

Popular Series


This nature-themed Japanese plate from a series of “Hamorebi”, meaning sunlight leaking through the leaves, is hand-painted by Chie Sakurai.

Hamorebi is a work in which the gradation of rust, which is unique to hand-painting, is tasteful, and the transparent colors of Japanese paints sparkle and shine, bringing to mind a peaceful scene of nature.