Kisen by Yotsukawa Seisakusho

Kisen is a brand of Yotsukawa Seisakusho, a manufacturer of Takaoka copperware, a craft with a history of 400 years in Toyama Prefecture in Japan.

About Kisen

Yotsukawa Seisakusho has created a number of ingeniously designed, beautiful, and highly practical products using a unique technique that combines the excellence of Takaoka copperware production with Yamanaka lacquerware craftsmanship.

Kisen's items are made by craftsmen who excel in the processing techniques of each material, working in a division of labor and combining them. In addition to their ease of use, the beauty of their appearance is like that of modern sculpture.

Kisen's Bamboo series was born from the idea of attaching a metal bottom to a wooden sake cup to give it a good weight and stability.

Innovation of Yotsukawa Seisakusho

Yotsukawa Seisakusho's producer, Susumu Yotsukawa, wanted to create something beautifully designed as a decorative item after visiting a beautifully furnished house during his stay in the United States. He brought this experience back to Japan and launched his own lifestyle brand in 2014 under the name "Kisen," an honorary name that has been passed down in his family. While making traditional cast metal products such as incense burners and Tetsubin (iron kettles), he also creates modern and innovative items with Kisen.

Signature Product


The wooden cup is made by Yamanaka lacquerware craftsmen, a traditional handicraft of Ishikawa Prefecture, using the thinnest wood cutting technique in Japan, and is combined with brass colored by the traditional processing and coloring technique of Takaoka copperware.

The wooden cup is beautiful and delicate, enhancing the flavor of the saké, and the brass adds just the right amount of weight to stabilize the cup, which is very light. Experience the innovative design and outstanding comfort of the fusion of the warm wood surface and the stability and brightness of the brass, made possible by craftsmanship that straddles the borders of production.