Founded in 1919, SINGAMA is a pottery studio located in the northeastern part of Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, in a place called "Shinano." The pottery is made from high-quality Seto clay and adorned with indigo Seto Sometsuke, displaying soft and delicate patterns and a simple yet charming design. The dishes, brimming with the warmth of handcraftsmanship, add a comforting touch to everyday life.


Born from the Landscapes of Satoyama

Located in the mountainous region of Mikuni Mountain, in the northeastern part of Seto City, lies a small pottery town known as "Shinano." Surrounded by "Satoyama" (wooded hills and fields near villages) and pastoral landscapes, SINGAMA's pottery comes to life. Within the studio, enveloped by the chirping of birds and the gentle rustling of the wind, various pieces of detailed and dedicated craftsmanship are created. Their aspiration is to craft pieces that convey the warmth of handmade work, fulfilling the everyday comfort that touches the heart.

About Seto Sometsuke

SINGAMA specializes in Seto "Sometsuke" (blue and white porcelain). 

In 1997, Seto Sometsuke was designated as a traditional craft item by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is highly appreciated both domestically and overseas for its delicate shape and the beauty of the paintings.

Signature Products

Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Rice Bowl

The neat appearance, thin and elegant shape, and atmosphere will match any dining table. The silhouette of this rice bowl that has been loved for a long time has a solid base and is stable. In fact, it is easy to hold in your hands and also prevent slipping when washing dishes. 

There are three types available: small, medium, and large, so please choose the one that best suits your taste.

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Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Japanese Teapot

This Japanese Teapot is a generous size of 850ml(28.8oz). 
The wavy lines on the body and around the top lid are distinctive and reminiscent of the beautiful sea of Nagasaki, where Hasami ware is produced. The glaze applied to the rim around the top lid gives it an elegant finish that is not too casual.

The tea strainer is called a "Sasame" which is attached directly to the inside of the teapot. This allows the tea leaves to circulate easily inside the pot, making the tea more fragrant. This is especially suitable for drinking high quality Japanese tea.

The top lid in on properly, so it seems to be able to brew tea without letting the steam escape.

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