Zuiho Kiln

Zuiho Kiln was established in 1917. Having built a kiln in the Arita Sotoyama area, and always feeling the new winds of the times, they have continued to produce original tableware for restaurants including Ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurants), as well as dishes that people can use in their everyday lives and feel the warmth of human touch.

It has been a century since Zuiho Kiln was established in Arita's Sotoyama area, but there have been turbulent times, including the fires of war. During that time, they have continued to produce simply designed general tableware and Kappo (Japanese cooking) tableware to complement the cuisine. 

Even though mechanization has progressed, they still maintain the traditional method of production, and the final painting is done by hand and finished with care. Zuiho kiln is the kiln that values the feeling of comfort that comes over you when you hold the tableware in your hands.