Making user-friendly tableware

Happiness is being able to cherish and appreciate the simple things in life, like a daily meal at your home dining table. Nichijou-Sahanki wants to change the concept of cooking from something “you have to do” to something “you’ll want to do.
 No difficult technical terms or fancy rhetoric. Nichijou-Sahanki, just wants to make and deliver easy-to-use items that will naturally land in your hands when you stand in your kitchen.

A Japanese kitchenware company, Suzuki has protected the number one brand of the donabe market, Banko ware for more than 80 years. 

Using their extensive knowledge and experience with Banko ware, they released a new brand of easy-to-use tableware named "Nichijou-Sahanki." 

So that people will want to use them everyday, Suzuki focused on manufacturing products that blend in well with everyday life and that users will want to naturally take into your hands. 

Besides its high functionality, the pot is designed to bring out the ingredients' natural flavors and aromas.
Their pots will help you take the menus on your table to the next level.

Featured Product

A masterpiece rice cooker made by a craftsman who had researched and manufactured heat resistant porcelain and earthenware pots for over 50 years.
Although seemingly heavy in appearance, by using light clay, the pot is actually very light. The easy-to-use wooden lid made of cypress absorbs the moisture of the steam, and the pressure created by the double-lid structure and the far infrared effect of the pot results in a steaming pot of hot, delicious rice. 
The aroma of cypress and this masterpiece rice cooker fully brings out the flavor of rice.   

Beautiful functionality realized by dedicated craftsmen

Easy-to-use Hagama

The under side of handles on the Hagama are slightly curved giving it a good fit when placing your hands on the handles. 

The secret of heat conductivity

The bottom of the rice cooker is round allowing the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the rice cooker as the heat wraps around the bottom of the pot evenly.
This is the secret to cooking delicious, fluffy rice. 

Clay for Banko ware

The clay used for Banko Ware has excellent heat resistance, thermal storage, and heat retention properties. Even when cooking over high heat, the ingredients inside the pot can be cooked slowly.

What you can do

If you are up to the challenge of cooking delicious rice the authentic way, we definitely recommend trying this Hagama rice cooker. 
Of course, you can use it to cook Japanese white rice, but you can also use it to cook healthy mixed rice using seasonal ingredients.