Nabeshima Kosen Kiln

Nabeshima Kosen Kiln specializes in products that use a variety of the three techniques that are characteristic of Nabeshima ware: Iro-Nabeshima, Sometsuke, and celadon. The company's founder, Tameo Kawasoe, has long studied celadon porcelain with a strong desire to make Nabeshima celadon ware available to as many people as possible.

The current third generation, with a vision of "establishing Nabeshima culture," began research and development of celadon from a different perspective from that of his grandfather. The kiln is working daily with the hope that the future of Nabeshima ware will be enriched 100 years from now.

History of Kosen Kiln

The Kawasoe family, the ancestors of the Nabeshima Kosen Kiln, were craftsmen who mainly worked on figurines and glaze research. The skills were passed down from generation to generation, and in 1963, Tameo, the grandfather of the current owner, founded Kosen Kiln. 

In an effort to make Nabeshima celadon known to the world, he dedicated himself to researching its glazes. At that time, it was so difficult to make celadon porcelain that it was said that firing celadon porcelain would ruin the business. Nonetheless, after more than 10 years of hard work and dedication, his research was completed.

Takahiko Kawasoe is the third generation to preserve the legacy of Nabeshima ware that takes its origin in Okawachiyama. This village has been treasured as the "hidden kiln village" since the Edo period, and he wishes to maintain its culture for centuries to come. In order to do so, he has started research and development of celadon porcelain for the first time in 56 years, while preserving the tradition of Nabeshima ware techniques, but from a new perspective different from his grandfather's.


Medaka Rice Fish Series

The jade-like hue of these pieces of celadon ware are undeniably captivating. Through its transparent texture, one can imagine being encompassed by the tranquil image of a glistening body of water. The artwork itself is realistic and delicately painted, depicting the graceful figure of Medaka rice fish in motion.

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