Edo Kimekomi Doll
"Authentic Japanese Dolls"

Edo Kimekomi Dolls are small wooden dolls made of paulownia wood and dressed in traditional Japanese silk textiles.

Originating in Kyoto, Kimekomi Dolls were introduced to Edo (present-day Tokyo) and developed in their own unique style. These extremely finely crafted figures are beloved as souvenirs rooted in Japanese traditions.

What are Edo Kimekomi Dolls?

Kimekomi Dolls originated in Kyoto in the 18th century and are made by engraving gutters in the wood of the doll's body and fitting the fabric that will serve as the doll's costume to the gutters. The traditional costumes of Kimekomi Dolls are reproductions of imperial court dress from the 8th to 12th centuries Japan and have attracted doll collectors from around the world as a miniature version of the kimono.

Originally created as charms for children, Kimekomi Dolls are beautifully dressed in silken kimono and make a unique addition to any home décor. While most traditional Kimekomi Dolls are humanoid in shape, more contemporary designs include more poppish figures, such as those based on the popular Japanese character Hello Kitty.

Made With Finest Organic Materials

Kimekomi Dolls are made of paulownia wood, one of the most prestigious woods in Japan, for the body and dolomite, a fine, white, unglazed bisqued ceramic, for the head. And the costume is made of traditional Japanese silk weaving with luxurious Yuzen and gold brocade.

The doll's size is so pretty that it fits in the palm of your hand, while the high quality of the details stands out. As a figure, these dolls have a very high degree of perfection, and you can see the excellent quality of Japanese handicraft skills.

Popular Maker

Kakinuma Ningyo

Kakinuma Ningyo is the manufacturer handling Edo Kimekomi Dolls founded in 1950. While pursuing a variety of original techniques, the studio has been eager to create innovative dolls that match the sense of beauty of the times.

The new Kimekomi Doll, which incorporates popular figures such as Lucky cats, Hello Kitty and Daruma dolls, is a traditional yet brand-new form, and is attracting renewed attention as a home decor item.

All Kimekomi Dolls that Musubi Kiln carries are products of Kakinuma Ningyo.