Hasami Ware
"Porcelain of the Folk"

Hasami Ware is a Japanese pottery produced in Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture, in the Kyushu region located in western Japan known as the “Town of Pottery”. It has been loved as durable daily tableware for folks for a long time since more than 400 years ago.

Hasami Ware is Characterized by the vibrant color drawings on the beautiful pure white porcelain as is typical Japanese porcelain style. Although the traditional patterns are inherited, new designs are being created every day that suit for modern lifestyles.

Ideas for Use

Hasami ware has a variety of shapes and painting styles depending on the kiln (brand). It is a good idea to look for items according to the purpose of use, or find your favorite kiln and try to collect some of them.

For example, Hasami ware is a porcelain product that is durable and user-friendly, and rice bowls have a standard shape that fits comfortably in your hand and also nicely serves rice. If you want to try the standard Japanese style of preparing rice and soup with a few side dishes to go with the rice, let's get a rice bowl first.

Also, decorated plates are so beautiful on their own that you can display them as Japanese arts when not in use. Just the presence of a hasami ware decorated plate can bring a Japanese taste to a room, so you can choose it as your home decor.

Popular Kilns

Rinkuro Kiln

Rinkuro Kiln was established in 1968 in Hasami town, a pottery production area with 400 years of tradition. It was created with the aim of creating unique style and high quality pottery.

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Fukuhou Kiln

Fukuhou Kiln is a 50-year-old Hasami ware kiln, famous for its skilled hand-painted "Sometsuke" and "Akae" products.

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Kotohogu Series

Traditional Imari design has fascinated many people for hundreds of years.The Kotohogu Collection is based on this Imari design, but with a modern essence to make it more pop.

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