Morisa continues to produce Tosa Washi Paper with rich ideas and the fun and beauty of washi, matching washi to the needs of the times while carrying on the tradition. Using the expertise and creativity of its craftsmen as well as its unique processing technology, Morisa has produced many one-of-a-kind Tosa Washi Paper products that could not have been realized by handmade paper making alone.

About Morisa

Located in Tosa City, the birthplace of Tosa Washi Paper, Morisa was founded in 1986. Surrounded by beautiful nature and using the abundant water of the clear Niyodo River, Morisa manufactures a wide variety of washi products by combining traditional handmade washi techniques with the latest processing technology.

Natural raw materials such as Kozo, Mitsumata, and Gampi are blended with rayon, pulp, and other materials according to the intended use, and various processes such as dyeing, pasting, and bag-making are used to create new washi products rich in functionality and design.

Morisa's washi paper, which has a high design quality and adds a flash of color to things you want to show off, is used as wrapping paper by famous confectionery stores, major department stores, and long-established stores in Kyoto, as well as other locations throughout Japan.