Choho Kiln

Choho Kiln is known for their skilled technique of "Mori-e,"  a traditional technique of drawing patterns and designs with a thick paint onto a surface. Choho Kiln developed the method of applying this technique to give the surface a tactile texture and an added decorative touch to Kutani Ware figurines 

About Choho Kiln

Chosaku Nishi, the founder of Choho Kiln studied the method of Mori-e with his brother Taikichi back in the Taisho period. Up till that time, this method was used to decorate flat surfaces. The brothers developed the idea of applying this method to Kutani Ware figurines as Chosaku had studied the basics of form, design and color mixing as a teenager. As it turned out, the Mori-e technique suited Kutani Ware figurines very well, and henceforth Mori-e became the mainstream decorating technique for Kutani Ware figurines.

The second generation Choho learned various techniques from his predecessor, trained many apprentices, and solidified the foundation of Choho Kiln. Today, Choho is the third generation of the Choho family, and is committed to preserving the tradition of Mori-e while seeking out new possibilities for this traditional technique.