Tsuda Mizuhiki "knot"

"knot" is the brand of Tsuda Mizuhiki, a long-established company that originated Kaga Mizuhiki. Because the spelling and pronunciation of knot and not are similar, the name was given with the meaning of being different from traditional mizuhiki and "not" the same as before. At the root of this naming is their confidence that the essence of mizuhiki will never change.

It expresses their strong desire to pass on the tradition and culture of mizuhiki while designing items that can be accepted by a wider generation, such as modern colors and small items that can be easily incorporated into daily life. 

About Tsuda Mizuhiki  "knot"

Tsuda Sokichi, the founder of Kaga Mizuhiki, considered mizuhiki to be wrapping that brings people together and emphasized its role as a communication culture. Many of the mizuhiki designs in the world today were invented during this first generation, and "knot" strives to create products that remind people of this culture and tradition once again.

More about Kaga Mizuhiki 

The inspiration for "knot" mizuhiki work comes from all kinds of things. All the work is done by hand, which is a time-consuming process, but the craftsmen put their heart and soul into their work in order to share the origin of mizuhiki, "to convey feelings without using words".

Interview With An Artist: Rokusuke Tsuda - Kaga Mizuhiki