Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box

As one of the oldest manufacturers of Mino Ware, Hibino Ceramic has fulfilled the expectations of culinary professionals.
Now, the next generation of Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box will brighten your dining table, combining the easy-to-use high functionality with a design that will enhance the dining experience for your guests. Since its debut, it has been used in top restaurants and hotels.

The Shokado Bento Box was originally invented by Teiichi Yuki, the founder of Kitcho, one of the representatives of Kappo (Japanese-style dining) restaurants.

Compared to the common bento box, which gives the impression of being handy, the Shokado Bento Box was designed to be used for Kaiseki (traditional Japanese cuisine comes with a tea ceremony) with the hospitality of entertaining.

By placing small bowls/plates inside each of the partitions, it allows hot, cold, or soupy foods to be served in appropriately arranged and beautifully organized proportions, as well as making the work easier for the chef and server.

Benefits of Shokado Bento Box

1. Never be mixed the flavors and tastes of each dish

The partitions in the Shokado Bento Box prevent the flavors, tastes, and temperatures of each dish from mixing with each other, keeping individual dishes at their best so that the delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine will not be spoiled.

2. Pleasing appearance

By placing small plates/bowls inside each partition of the Shokado Bento Box, each cuisine can be served in a more pleasing manner. It gives a special experience for the guests when opening the lid of the box, just like opening a jewelry box.

3. Convenient for setting the dining table

Since only one Shokado Bento Box per one guest is needed to set up the dining table, serving and cleaning up can be done quickly, and you can spend more time enjoying conversation with your guests. Because it is designed by reflecting ideas of most popular restaurants, this Modern Shokado Bento Box is a tool that will meet every chef’s needs.

What is Modern Shokado Bento Box?

Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box will enhance your food presentation to the best with your creativity. These next-generation Shokado Bento Boxes bring the modern table setting while retaining the hospitality spirit of the traditional Shokado Bento Box, and are loved by many top restaurant and hotel chefs.

1. Enhance cuisines as like a picture frame of painting

The Bento boxes made of high-quality wood enrich your cuisine just like picture frames that enhance the beauty of art.

2. Allows flexible layouts

The Mino Ware bowls that come with the Bento Box can be freely arranged, giving you the inspiration to create the layout that suits your ideas. 

Since the bottom of the Bento Box has grooves, multiple boxes can be stacked on top of each other and used like a Jubako bento box (multi-tiered box).

3. High versatility

The Mino Ware bowls along with the bento box are attractive enough to be used alone as main plates or small bowls.

Moreover, since the lid of the bento box can also be used as a tray, a variety of table settings can be created with this single bento box set.

Available in 3 different sizes

Depending on the number of dishes to be served, there are three sizes bento boxes to choose from: LL 3870ml (131 oz), L 3100ml (105 oz), and M 2350ml (80 oz).

LL 3870ml (131 oz)

L 3100ml (105 oz)

M 2350ml (80 oz)