Kaizan Kiln
"Luxury Arita Porcelain"

Kaizan Kiln has been producing luxuary tableware used at hotels and restaurants to bring a sense of the extraordinary. By using these tableware, they aim to add a sparkle joy to the dining scene. The company offers a modern and contemporary style with a new sensation while respecting the traditional techniques of Arita Ware craftsmanship.

Kaizan Kiln Product Series

Kaizan Kiln has been producing luxury products within Arita Ware that are not daily tableware, rather are used in Ryokan (Japanese inns) and restaurants. These tableware create an extraordinary dining experience that makes meals at home special and exciting. 

Here are a few of Kaizan Kiln's unique series.

"Sikumi" Plate

This series of square plates is designed with Kaizan Kiln's original motif of “Shikainami" –the Four Sea Waves or “Chidori" –Plover motifs carved into them, which bring good luck. Its signifigcant white porcelain and celadon porcelain, which is typical of Arita Ware, are beautifuly clear taste to enhance your dishes.

"Hori" Plate 

This plate series is carved in a wood carving technique that is reminiscent of hand engraving and tactile in its uniqueness. The warmth of the handcrafted texture in a contemporary design creates a modern, high quality table setting.

Although the plate has a modern look, its design imitates nature, making it a perfect match for dishes with traditional elements.

Originally created to beautifully present authentic Japanese cuisine in ryotei restaurants, these Kaisan kiln series has been arranged to be easy to use at home.

The elegant white glaze originally developed by Kaizan Kiln's early predecessor is glazed with the contemporary technique by the current generation, resulting in beautiful works that reflect the particles of glaze as the light falls on them, as if the sunlight glints off the waves and makes them sparkle.