Tobe Higashi Kiln

Higashi Kiln's style is famous for the glass-like smoothness and the usage of the soft and pastel colors like watercolor paintings, which is not bound by conventional frameworks of Tobe ware.
The painting is performed by female artist, Alyne Ohigashi, who was born in the Philippines and has been involved with creating Tobe ware items for more than 30 years at Higashi Kiln.

About Alyne Ohigashi

Alyne Ohigashi, born in the Philippines, came to Japan after meeting her husband who was visiting the Philippines to teach pottery techniques at a college. At Tobe Higashi Kiln in Isobe-cho, Ehime Prefecture, on a small hill in the peaceful mountains of the Seto Inland Sea, she paints beautiful designs on her works inspired by nature surrounding her. While winning prizes at various arts and crafts exhibitions, she expresses her thoughts and feelings on her potteries with her own technique. With the beautiful designs she paints, her works enrich people's life. She wishes that people who see and use her tablewares will be happier and more prosperous than ever before in their life.

Interview With An Artist: Alyne Ohigashi - Tobe Ware

P.S Blue Series

Blue Flowers on white porcelain canvas bring out a nostalgic atmosphere. Dots colored with gold are applied sporadically in the center of the flowers, creating a touch of splendor as well. The pictures are painted using her original technique of Japanese paper dyeing called Washi-zome and the design reflects her unique perspective of the world as a nature lover. The warmth of the porcelain will bring a sense of comfort and joy to your dining table. 

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Mimosa Series

This series of tablewares features a beautifully painted mimosa on a white porcelain canvas. Small dots colored with gold are scattered in a modest way, accentuating the whole design. The beautiful mimosa design, unique to Alyne Ohigashi's love of nature, will liven up your dining table.

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Light Fleur Series

The Light Fleur Series showcases plates and bowls adorned with large-petaled flowers in calming green and blue hues. The flowers, bearing the delicate texture of Japanese washi paper, bring a tactile dimension that enhances their visual charm. Artisan, Alyne Ohigashi's artistry truly shines in this series, making it a delightful addition to any table setting.

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