Shigaraki Ware
"Wabi-Sabi Japanese Stoneware"

Shigaraki is one of the Rokkoyo, Japan’s six oldest kilns, and has long produced natural ash-glazed pottery that leverages the inherent qualities of its clay. The clay, sourced from the ancient Lake Biwa layer formed 4 million years ago, is renowned for its high quality, fire resistance, and plasticity. This makes it ideal for crafting both large and small items. Even unglazed, Shigaraki ware exhibits a unique charm, making it a beloved choice for flower vases and tea ware.

Shigaraki ware is a representative form of Japanese pottery that allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the clay, characterized by its warm color and thick, fire-resistant texture.

Popular Kilns

Hissan Pottery

Hissan Pottery, founded around 1870 and currently led by fifth-generation owner Ogawa Kimio, is renowned for its unique and beautiful tableware. Cherished by Michelin-starred chefs in Japan and internationally, the pottery features elegant designs and vibrant colors that enhance any dish. Combining traditional techniques with modern sensibilities, the company emphasizes one-on-one client relationships to craft pieces that meet specific needs and preferences.

Marui Ceramics

For three generations since its establishment in 1925, Marui Ceramics has continued to make products that fit the lifestyle of the times, such as hibachi, mailboxes, flowerpots, vases, and tiles, etc. The classic wood-fired kiln of the time when the company was founded, the climbing kiln, still remains at Marui Ceramics.

With their unique colors and designs, Shigaraki ware flower vases are perfect for displaying vibrant, fresh flowers and plants, and can express the strength and beauty of nature as it is.