Shigaraki Ware
"Wabi-Sabi Japanese Pottery"

Shigaraki Ware is a stoneware made in the Shigaraki Town area of Shiga Prefecture in Japan, and is one of the “Rokkoyo” –the six oldest kilns in Japan. The warm scarlet color of the Shigaraki Ware is characterized by its thick, fire-resistant clay that has a firm texture, which has a high affinity with the color of plants, and is loved as flower vases and tea ware.

It is one of Japan's representative ceramic art forms where you can feel the natural form of the clay.

Charm of Shigaraki Ware

Shigaraki Ware is characterized by its rich colors and textures of clay and glazes, which can be described as the earth itself. It embodies the aesthetic of "wabi-sabi" that is unique to Japanese kiln.

With their unique colors and designs, Shigaraki Ware flower vases are perfect for displaying vibrant, fresh flowers and plants, and can express the strength and beauty of nature as it is.

In addition, as a result of years of research into glazes, Shigaraki Ware items can be found in a wide range of shades and textures. It is one of the most famous Japanese pottery, and while it has a traditional and stately appearance, it continues to innovate every day, offering a large selection of modern designs.

Ideas for Use

The charm of Shigaraki Ware is its warm atmosphere with the taste of clay. It goes well with natural materials such as wood, and harmonizes well with modern interiors. 

Popular Kilns

Marui Ceramics

For three generations since its establishment in 1925, Marui Ceramics has continued to make products that fit the lifestyle of the times, such as hibachi, mailboxes, flowerpots, vases, and tiles, etc. The old-fashioned wood-fired kiln of the time when the company was founded, the climbing kiln, still remains at Marui Ceramics.

All of the Shigaraki Ware handled by MUSUBI KILN is produced by Marui Ceramics.

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