Taishi Kiln

Taishi Kiln, established in Nonoichi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, in 2011, was founded by Kutani Ware artist Yamachika Yasushi. Born as the fourth generation in a family of Seizan Kiln potters, Yamachika opened his own kiln to express his unique worldview.

Embracing techniques passed down through generations, the company's theme focuses on "modern designs utilizing tradition" and "ease of use in daily life."

The basic principle of Taishi Kiln is color painting.

Kutani Ware is known for its beautiful colors, but Taishi Kiln believes that only by learning and understanding the traditional techniques of Kutani Ware can one express the original charm of Iro-e, and eventually one can create one's own unique Kutani expression. 

The reason behind this is his belief that while various types of Kutani Ware are being created, especially by the younger generation, the number of craftsmen who can use the traditional "original color painting" technique is decreasing. With these thoughts in mind, Taishi Kiln create daily with the basic principle of respecting the Kutani tradition and valuing color painting.

Taishi Kiln's respect for tradition is also expressed in its designs. They specializes in typical Kutani Ware techniques such as Ao-Kutani overglaze enameling, Hanazume, and Aochibu. Skilled artisans at the kiln conduct research on a daily basis to create tableware that is suitable for modern dining settings.

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