Arita Keizan Kiln

Keizan kiln, named after "Keizan" meaning "beautiful mountain," is a manufacturer of Arita Ware established in 1957 beside a beautiful valley with a clear stream. The kiln was founded in 1957 by master ceramic artist in a place where the traditional Arita porcelain industry has continued for 400 years.

Features of Keizan Kiln Products

Keizan kiln, a manufacturer of Arita Ware, a traditional porcelain arts from Saga Prefecture, specializes in Sometsuke, a blue underglaze pattern, and colorful overglaze on the clear white porcelain that is characteristic of Arita Ware.

The patterns are all hand-drawn by the craftsmen, and the vibrant drawings, especially the marine creatures, are especially remarkable. The clear white porcelain that reflects the decoration is made of Amakusa ceramic stone, which is specific to Arita Ware, is very white, durable, and lightweight.

Each piece of the tableware is painted by hand, and even the same design has a different expression, giving an atmospheric feel to the craftsmen's sensibility. Also Keizan kiln's products are designed so that the overall balance of the dish can be maintained by serving it, and will enhance the quality of your daily dining experience.

Source: Keizan Kiln