Bamboo Motif  Tableware 

Bamboo has played an integral part in Japanese culture and tradition. It has been used as a decorative motif since the Nara period(710-794) on clothing and furnishings, and has been used as a material for many daily necessities, wrappings and for decorative purposes.

 Bamboo is said to bring good fortune and strength. It grows tall and straight, reaching for the sky. Bamboo also symbolizes resilience, as it can withstand the cold winter weather and grueling summer heat. And because of its rapid growth, it represents blessings for an abundance of one’s descendants.

Its clean green color is wonderful as a color scheme for glass items and designs on porcelain. And its durability makes it a perfect material for chopsticks and sake cups. Enjoy the simplicity and unadorned design of bamboo and bamboo leaves on our wide variety of tableware and decorative items.