Usuki ware "USUKIYAKI"

USUKIYAKI is the Japanese name for Usuki ware, but it is also a project name. Usuki ware suddenly disappeared from the world 200 years ago. However, in 2015, local potters revived this mysterious pottery. The works, which are a fusion of traditional techniques and modern sensibilities, have a mysterious texture that reminds us of nostalgia in the midst of newness. Its reputation in Japan and abroad is growing every day, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

About Usuki ware

The history of Usuki ware

Usuki ware is a mysterious pottery that was born in the late Edo period and disappeared after only ten years. The "Usuki" in Usuki ware refers to the name of the place where it was produced.

 In 2015, the Usuki Ware Research Institute, led by Mr. Usami and Mr Yakushiji, revived the Usuki ware after a trial and error process based on the few old Usuki ware they obtained and an in-depth look at references about it.

There was no document that describes the entire production process, so they filled in the missing pieces by imagining the historical background of the time.

Therefore, the revived Usuki ware may not be exactly the same as what was produced in the past.

However, tradition is something that is handed down to the next generation as it changes with people's lives. Usuki warei had a long period of dormancy, but now it has begun a new chapter.

The philosophy behind the design

At the time of the birth of Usuki ware, Usuki City was not a very wealthy area. The characteristics of the people who lived there still remain in the spirit of Usuki City, and there is an atmosphere of "frugality and simplicity" that does not favor anything flashy. This local spirit is behind the simple and beautiful style of Usuki ware.

Mr. Usami, the representative of Usuki Ware Research Institute says, "Usuki ware is created around the concept that a dish is a frame for the food served on it".

Their ceramics, inspired by natural forms and materials, are created with the aim of bringing out the beauty of Usuki’s traditional culinary culture: ingredients harvested from the rich ocean and mountains, organic crops, and long-standing miso, soy sauce, and sake industries to name a few examples.

They hope to bring this food culture, as well as the natural beauty and creative spirit of Usuki, to the tables of people around the world through Usuki ware.

Signature Products

RINKA Show Usuki Round Plate Ⅱ

Beautiful flower-shaped Japanese plate from RINKA series of Usuki ware. The flat plate is perfect for placing whole appetizers, cakes, or fruits. You can also put a small plate on it and use it like a tray.

The chrysanthemum-shaped plate on white porcelain follows the design of the original Usuki ware. The design is inspired by old documents and existing old Usuki ware, but arranged in a modern style. The waves on the rim cast shadows on the plate and table, creating a beautiful look.

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RYOUKA Lotus Petal Usuki Flat Plate

Beautiful lotus flower-shaped Japanese flat plate from RYOUKA series of Usuki ware. Casts a shadow on the table, creating a beautiful look.

 Perfect size as a dinner plate, or serving salads, appetizers, breads, cakes, and fruits.

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