USUKIYAKI, led by Hiroyuki Usami, has revived the pottery that existed in what is now Usuki City, Oita Prefecture during the Edo period, after a lapse of 200 years. The beautiful matte porcelain dishes, which blend the essence of past creations with modern sensibilities, are crafted daily by artisans in a studio surrounded by the rich nature of Usuki City.

Nestled amid rolling hills and the remnants of a castle that casts its shadow over the shimmering sea, Usuki City is an enchanting blend of history, bucolic charm, and a culinary tapestry as rich as its heritage. Here, in an environment embraced by nature's abundance, Hiroyuki Usami reimagines the once-lost art of Usuki ware, "USUKIYAKI", a mystical porcelain from the Edo era that vanished into the mists of time after a brief, luminous decade.

The vessels he crafts, with their matte porcelain finish, are reminiscent of a painter's canvas - where the distinctive rims, delicately modeled after flora, add a touch of elegance. Think of them not just as tableware, but as artful frameworks, elevating each culinary masterpiece they cradle. Their natural texture and gentle demeanor, borne out of a harmonious dance between artisanal hands and nature, are a testament to a nuanced craft. These pieces don't just serve food; they weave a story, transcending the utilitarian, inviting those around the table to savor a deeper, more artful experience with each bite.

In the past, Usuki ware was opened by Inaba, the lord of Usuki Castle, and was born through the co-creation of artisans called in from Shimabara, Koishiwara, and Komine.

Usuki ware does not have a completed recipe, but evolves gradually and delicately through an experimental process.

A new history is made not only through the production process, but also through the diversification of the occasions in which these items are used.

Living With Nature

"Our aim is to craft products that will be loved and used across many years."

At the heart of this statement is the deep commitment of artisans who dedicate their days to creation, all the while showing gratitude to the nurturing bounty of nature around them.

Taking cues from the environment, these craftsmen skillfully transform their inspirations into tableware through various handcrafted steps. Indeed, the nature of their work is such that the final product's appearance remains uncertain until the very moment it's fired. Handmade methods might not yield vast quantities, but it's this very limitation that makes each piece special and worthy of the effort poured into it.

With thoughtful use of resources and unwavering dedication, they endeavor to produce items that stand the test of time. And it's in the shared responsibility of both the creators and those who use these items that this regional pottery, born from nature's generosity, becomes a truly sustainable choice for both our world and its inhabitants.

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