Arita Porcelain Lab
"Modern Luxury Arita Ware"

Arita Porcelain Lab is a brand/ company revived by the seventh generation Yazaemon as a successor to the long-established Arita porcelain kiln established in 1804. To make Arita porcelain a global brand, the company has been working to create modern Arita porcelain that is in tune with modern lifestyles while incorporating the more than 200 years of traditions.

About Arita Porcelain Lab

The seventh generation Yazaemon describes his vision for Arita Porcelain Lab as "to modernize Arita Ware, the luxury Japanese porcelain culture, and to convey it to the world." Arita Porcelain Lab's tableware retains the aesthetic of "elegance" that Japanese people have valued since ancient times, and adds a stylish appearance to suit modern living spaces.

The colors of the tableware have been carefully selected, with new colors developed for traditional patterns and designs that freely combine traditional patterns to suit modern interiors.  They have developed the original glaze through countless prototypes.

Arita Porcelain Lab also designed perfume bottles made of Arita Ware at the request of Guerlain, a French perfume and cosmetics maker, and collaborated with Laduree, a famous confectionery store, to produce tea and Arita Ware. The company is also deepening its ties overseas, with its tableware being used in a restaurant in the Mandarin Hotel (Paris, France).


Japan Series

The Japan Series is a representative series of Arita Porcelain Lab's products that maintains the traditional style of Arita porcelain while modernizing the color scheme.

The unprecedented paints created by Yazaemon kiln's exclusive techniques are brushed on one by one by skilled craftsmen to create a variety of colors and textures inspired by scenes of the four seasons in Japan. The shading of the brush that appears on the surface creates an elegance that cannot be imitated elsewhere.

The design uses the traditional Arita Ware "Kissho" pattern, which has been considered auspicious since ancient times, as it is, and expresses it in a modern way by changing the color scheme. The Kissho pattern has been widely used in Arita Ware by the potters of the past, who wished to enrich the lives of those who used the porcelain in both material and spiritual aspects. 

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This is a series in the Ko-Imari (Old Arita) style, which the seventh generation Yazaemon inherited to mark the 200th year of traditional Ko-Imari style technique. The first generation Yazaemon Matsumoto first opened the kiln at Sarayama, Arita, Bizen (present day southeastern Okayama Prefecture). It is a work of traditional design with refined and artistic brush strokes. 

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The asteroid design is a modern reinterpretation of a traditional design that has been depicted on porcelain for over 400 years. This item was produced through a collaboration between the Rebirth Project, an organization that conducts a variety of social contribution activities, and Arita Porcelain Lab.

This artwork was constructed using transfer papers, some of which are no longer in production and no longer used. These sheets were carefully cut out in rounded shapes and arranged together to create an image of an asteroid.

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Conic Series 

The Jubako Bento Box from Arita Porcelain Lab's Conic series is a truly unique piece that's as practical as it is beautiful. This one-of-a-kind bento box features three distinctly sized bowls and a plate each crafted by skilled artisans.

The three tiered structure of the Conic arouses curiosity and surprise, making one wonder what delicious dish is hiding under each bowl. It's a suitable bento box to accommodate your entire meal, from appetizers to fruits and desserts.

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