Tobe Ware
"The beautiful blue of Japanese porcelain"

Tobe Ware, known familiarly as "Tobe Yaki" in Japanese, is a porcelain produced in the Tobe region of Ehime Prefecture, located in the northwest of Shikoku Island. The texture of the transparent white porcelain, which is a beautiful, slightly bluish color due to the effect of iron, is still highly valued and loved by people even today, as Tobe Ware respects the technique of handicraft even in the midst of modernization.

Ideas for Use

Tobe Ware is characterized by its beautiful bluish-white porcelain body and painting that shows the craftsman's brushwork. In addition, Tobe Ware's base material is robust, which is one of the reasons why it is easy to use on a daily basis.

The other reason is its hand-friendly design that has been a part of the lives of folks since ancient times. Sake carafes, teacups, bowls, etc., fit in well with not only the traditional Japanese diet, but also with the modern western lifestyle.

The oriental atmosphere of Tobe Ware’s Japanese porcelain painting is particularly beautiful, and is recommended to be displayed on a shelf as a home decoration when not in use.

Popular Kilns

Baizan Kiln

Baizan Kiln is the oldest existing kiln in Tobe City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. Since its opening in 1882, the kiln has been inheriting its traditions for over 130 years. They have been making use of the materials of “Tobe” to produce practical handicrafts with the concept of "use and beauty”.

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Higashi Kiln

Higashi kiln’s style is famous for the glass-like smoothness and the usage of the soft and pastel colors like watercolor paintings, which is not bound by conventional frameworks of Tobe ware. The painting is performed by female artist, Alyne Ohigashi, who was born in Philippines and now work as a painter of the kiln in which her husband is also work as a Tobe ware craftsman.

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Senzan Kiln

Senzan Kiln uses traditional "Doro-gosu" paints to create powerful yet warm designs. Senzan Kiln creates works that suit modern life while preserving the good qualities of tradition. Tobe ware is durable and can be used for a very long time, which is why it is used in many restaurants.

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