Tokoname Ware
"Authentic Japanese Tea Ware"

Tokoname Ware is one of the six traditional ceramic production areas in Japan known as the “Rokkoyo (Six Old Kilns)", and has been supporting the culture of Japanese life with its beautifully smooth Earthen Ware which fired by high temperature.

Especially the tea ware produced from the excellent potter's wheel technique and the high quality red clay called “Shudei" is a classic, favorite tool for Japanese. 

Secrets of Tokoname Teapots

Tokoname Ware is especially known for its fine quality “Kyusu" teapots. The authentic Japanese shape of the teapot allows you to brew Sencha green tea with an elegant gesture. The unglazed base of Tokoname Ware absorbs the sourness of the tea and makes the tea taste more mellow and delicious.

Perfect Lid

Tokoname teapots are made by skilled ceramic artisans using a potter's wheel to ensure that the lid and body of the teapot are perfectly aligned, preventing the temperature of the tea well.

Earthen Ware

Tokoname Ware is a beautiful vermilion earthen ware with a high iron content, and the smooth base effect makes the tea more flavorful.

Tea Strainer

The mesh inside the Tokoname teapot is also very fine, ensuring that even the smallest of green tea leaves are not missed .

Sharp Spout

Tokoname teapots have a spout that is designed to prevent drops of tea from dripping. The quality of the craftsmanship creates a sense of comfort.

Ideas for Use

Tokoname teapots come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each teapot has its own recommended uses, such as enjoying a cup of tea easily with the whole family, or savoring a cup of carefully, slow-brewed tea like a barista's coffee. Let's take a look at the different types of teapots and their recommended uses.

Easy and quick, with your family.

A large capacity teapot with more than 500ml(17oz) capacity that can make a lot of tea quickly and easily is recommended for daily tea time with your family. 

If you prepare tea leaves that do not have a strong bitterness or astringency even when brewed with boiling water, and can be brewed in a short period of time, you can enjoy freshly brewed delicious tea at the same time without any hassle for a group of people.

It goes well with all kinds of tea leaves that can be brewed with boiling water, including herbal tea, black tea, and Japanese tea such as brown rice tea, hojicha, and deep steamed tea.

Luxury rest for your daily life.

For tea leaves that are brewed slowly at a low temperature, such as Japanese sencha green tea, a teapot with a capacity of 360ml (12oz.) or less is recommended for small groups. 

Fill the teapot with water that has cooled to about 70 degrees Celsius (160°F) and let it steep for about a minute and a half before serving. By brewing the tea at a lower temperature, you can enjoy a higher grade of tea with less bitterness and a deeper green tea aroma.

A tip for easy brewing is, first pour boiling water into teacups for a number of people, and then transfer the hot water from the teacups to the teapot with the tea leaves. This way, you can brew just the right amount of tea with water that has cooled to the right temperature, and also keep the teacup warm.

Relaxing with a cup of premium tea on the weekend.

If you want to enjoy the highest quality of Japanese green teas like kabusecha and gyokuro, the Gokuhira teapot is for you. It will give you a special and luxurious time of relaxation all to yourself.

Boiled water is cooled to less than 50 degrees Celsius (120ºF) and poured into a Gokuhira teapot, where it is slowly brewed for at least three minutes to extract the flavor and sweetness of the tea leaves.

For gyokuro, first pour in a small amount of warm water at about 50°C to cover the tea leaves, wait for about two minutes, and enjoy the first few drops when the tea leaves open up with moisture. The Gokuhira teapot is an item that allows you to enjoy the tea at its best. After that, you can enjoy the tea over and over again, raising the temperature two or three times.

Popular Kilns


Gyokko produces teapots that are finished with a potter's wheel, refining the family's traditional style and artisanal skills. In addition to the authentic Tokoname style of Shudei red clay, Gyokko also pursues new colors of clay such as white and green, as well as new designs. There are the work of the Japanese master of the wheel throwing technique.

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Morimasa produces high quality teapots made by skilled craftsmen with over 30 years of experience. The brand is highly trusted for its advanced handcraft techniques, which are passed down from hand to hand by the craftsmen in charge of each process.

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Syunju is the standard for Japanese tea teapots in postwar Japan. With precise mold formation and high quality Shudei clay, the teapot is fired delicately without any compromise. It has created the scenery of daily tea time in Japan, where people drink delicious tea at home with family.

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