Ginpo Banko Donabe "Japanese Clay Pot"

In 1932, Sutematsu Kumamoto, the first generation of the company, built a factory to realize high quality manufacturing that I can be satisfied with. In the midst of hardships and challenges, he listened to the voices of users and continued to develop earthenware pots that fit into people's lives. The "Kikka" series, completed through this history, continues to bring smiles to diners around the world.

What is Kikka Donabe?
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Kikka Donabe is the realization of the wishes of people who cook, as Ginpo has been making clay pots loved by many cooks for many years. While earthenware pots make food tasty, there was an unchangeable common sense that they were troublesome to clean and handle. But now, thanks to Ginpo's technology, these problems have become avoidable.

Three common practices that Ginpo has overcome

No need to season

Conventional clay pots need to be filled with water dissolved in flour and boiled for a long time before use to seal the minute holes in the surface of the clay pot. Kikka clay pots do not require this sealing process and are ready to use as soon as they arrive at your home.

15% lighter than conventional products

Clay pots used to be heavy and difficult to carry, but through the optimization of our unique clay blend and shape, we have succeeded in reducing the weight by 15% without compromising heat retaining properties.

Easy to care

One of the reasons people hesitate to use clay pots was that it was difficult to remove stains and odors from the bottom of the pot, but these have been greatly improved by an in-house developed glaze.


It is designed to be lower in height than a typical Donabe, making it easy to store in a cupboard! The lid can be flipped upside down to make it even more compact.

What you can do?

The beautiful clay pots not only as kitchenware but also as tableware can be used in many ways other than authentic pot cooking.

Kikka Donabe

Kikka Rice Cooker

Signature Products

GINPO Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot

GINPO Kikka Japanese Clay Pot is the next generation of clay pots that match the modern lifestyle. It can be used immediately after purchase because it does not need to be seasoned before use. It is 15% lighter than conventional products while retaining the heat retaining properties of clay pots. It is easier to handle and you can enjoy freshly cooked hot food on the table. The black body part uses an in-house developed glaze that prevents odor and stain problems. You can enjoy not only hot pot dishes, but also soup curry, cheese fondue, and many other dishes. In order to create a beautiful table, the coloring is based on traditional Japanese colors. The design matches today's diversified interiors.

Available in 2 colors: Navy and Brown

・D24cm(9.4in) x H13.5cm(5.3in) / 1.9L(64.2oz) / For 2 to 3 persons
・D28.5cm(11.2in) x H15.5cm(6.1in) / 2.7L(91.3oz) / For 4 people

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GINPO Kikka Banko Donabe Rice Cooker

Anyone can easily make delicious rice in just 30 minutes with this Kikka Japanese Clay Rice Cooker. The water level scale is engraved on the inside of the pot, saving you the time of measuring the water with a measuring cup. The double-lid construction eliminates the risk of spillage, and with the simple step of "turn off the heat when you see steam," anyone can easily enjoy freshly cooked, delicious rice. It can be reheated and served at the table as it is, as it is designed to fit in a household microwave oven. Suitable for stewed dishes in addition to cooked rice. Oden, stew, and soup etc. are less likely to fall apart, and the broth soaks into the ingredients well, giving them more Umami.
Mr. Hidemasa Yamamoto, the former Executive Chef of The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C., and the first Executive Chef of Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo, has also given his seal of approval to the product, saying that it is easy to use and produces delicious freshly cooked rice without any mistakes.

Available in Navy

・D22.5cm(8.9in) x H16cm(6.3in) / 1.8ℓ(60.9oz)
 <Rice capacity: 2 to 3 cups>
・D25.5cm(10in) x H18cm(7.1in) / 2.6ℓ (88oz)
<Rice capacity: 3 to 5 cups>

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