Table Setting #2 Pretty Mother's Day Table Setting

A good homemade meal is the best expression of love. When you cook and treat your mother to lunch on Mother's Day, a pretty tableware will make the time more special. Serve a colorful salad in a large flower-shaped bowl. It looks like a large flower has bloomed. Choose plates with floral patterns or pastel colors to enhance the festive mood. A gorgeous table brings out  a lively conversation. 

This 20cm(8in) plate is suitable for serving salads and side dishes for one person. Available in five colors: blue, pink, green, yellow, and purple.

As it is deep enough, this small bowl can be used to serve soupy side dishes. The rim of the bowl has a wavy design that makes the food look beautiful. 

This unique bowl features lovely plum blossoms on a symmetrical white background. The size of the bowl is 21.9cm (8.6in), making it perfect for serving pasta or main dishes.