Ri Sanpei (Yi Sam-pyeong) Kiln - The Founder of Arita Ware

Ri Sanpei (Yi Sam-pyeong) Kiln - The Founder of Arita Ware established the foundation of Arita Ware and is still highly respected by Japanese ceramic artists today. The founder, Korean ceramic master Ri Sanpei (Yi Sam-pyeong), emigrated to Japan 400 years ago, and his descendants continue to carry on the tradition in the present day with aspirations that transcend national borders.

Charm of Ri Sanpei (Yi Sam-pyeong) Kiln

Brought back to Japan 400 years ago by Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea, ceramic master Ri Sanpei (Yi Sam-pyeong) was instrumental in the breakthrough of Japanese ceramics technology and introduced the beautiful white porcelain production method to Arita by enthusiastic cross-border research.

Over time, in the present day, Ri Sanpei (Yi Sam-pyeong)'s descendant, Ri Sanpei (Yi Sam-pyeong)14, has revived "Early Imari" the oldest style of Arita Ware, by studying the Izumiyama porcelain ore that was discovered by the first generation.

Reviving the lost techniques and styles of early Arita Ware porcelain in today's world, Ri Sanpei (Yi Sam-pyeong) Kiln's products have a unique style, with a simplicity and wabi-sabi feeling that sets them apart from other Arita Ware. The balance between the bluish, translucent texture of the porcelain body and the beauty of the margins in the Sometsuke (underglaze) painting will give the piece a remarkable presence in any contemporary dining space.