Table Setting #43
Let's make a radiant setting with auspicious tablewares!

May the new year bring you much happiness! Japanese New Year's Day begins with festive dishes and warm Zoni (a soup dish for New Year's in Japan). Let's celebrate the beginning of a new year by coordinating elegant lacquerware. 

In the center of the table is a Jubako Bento Box with a pine tree, a lucky motif that is perfect for New Year's celebrations. This three-tiered Jubako can hold enough food for about three to four people. It can be used as a bento box for cherry blossom viewing or as a serving plate for home parties.

Yamanaka lacquer Zoni soup bowls with gold decoration create a dignified New Year's atmosphere. Stacked on top of a large plate of Usuki ware, it looks even more sophisticated. A table setting with a lot of lacquerware tends to have too formal or stiff atmosphere, so I balanced it out by using the tablecloth and other dishes in white to make it look light and refreshing. 

For New Year's Day, choose a bowl with auspicious motifs. A small box in the shape of a plum tree is a perfect table setting for the New Year. In addition to holding seasonings and pickles, you can also put accessories in the box as an interior decorative item. 

I put a Kutani ware vase decorated with "Ginsai (silver foils)" by the window. Two cranes, a symbol of longevity and prosperity, are painted on it. The vase is relatively tall, but the opening is not too wide, making it easy to put flowers and easy to clean. This vase is highly recommended for its beautiful look and easy use! 

On the other side of the table, I decorated a single-flower vase. Hanazume's gorgeous paintings are very popular. The round and lovely shape of this vase is very stable, and even when it is not decorated with flowers, it becomes a wonderful eye catcher in the room.

I choose a sake set with a modern twist on the traditional patterns of Old Imari. The set includes one sake pot and two sake cups. The bright colors and its distinctive shape create an elegant and very inviting atmosphere.