Time to Recharge and Relax in Your Favorite Cups

The more we cherish and use things for a long time, the greater the sense of comfort and love we gain from them.
Kinzan Kiln is a brand of Kutani ware that is particularly concerned with originality and craftsmanship. It is filled with an artistic atmosphere and has a unique presence that appeals to the sensibilities of those who hold it in their hands.
This cup, made without compromise to achieve the finest quality, must be something that users can use for a long time and have a special feeling for.

It is handcrafted by Kinzan Kiln, especially excels in Kinsai, one of the famous Kutani ware's glazing technique with a gold leaf. 

This series named "Ukiyo" was inspired by sympathy for the thoughts of ancient people; "If the world is fleeting and undefined, I want to live carefree and untroubled, loving the moon and flowers, singing songs, even if I am penniless". The gradient blue color represents the shifting light.

The beautiful gradation expands your imagination, such as the sky's azure, the cosmic blue, the hazy spring light, or the clear light of early summer. The pale colors and delicate gold are perfectly match in this piece.