Table Setting #21 Cold Soba Noodles to Beat the Summer Heat

One of the most popular foods in Japan during the hot season is cold soba noodles. At MUSUBI KILN, we have  soba dipping sauce cup(Sobachoko), soba soup containers, and other items that make soba even more delicious.
Baizan Kiln is widely used in Japanese soba restaurants. It is simple, long-lasting, and a long seller. Please enjoy soba at home with these authentic tableware.

The thick and round rim gives a soft and welcoming atmosphere. It is perfectly durable, suitable for long-term use. Perfect size for serving the main dish such as sushi, sashimi, and noodles.

It is originally designed for putting soba dipping sauce cup(Sobachoko). You can also use it for drinks, soup, dessert, yogurt, fruits, and so on. It is also perfect for putting Japanese sweets such as Anmitsu and Tokoroten. 

It is designed as a carafe for cold sauces for soba and udon. It is the perfect size and quantity for a single person to use. It can also be used as a carafe for sake. It is also very durable and suitable for long-term use.