24 January 2023

Enjoy Floral Arrangements with ALART Aluminum Vases

ALART Aluminum Vases 

For an added flair of style, ALART offers a selection of unique and artistic vases made from the versatile metal, aluminum. Vases from ALART with their simplistic yet stunning designs, enhance the natural beauty of any bloom within.

Learn about the different types of vases from ALART, suggested flower choices and tips on how to create a beautiful floral arrangement. Explore ALART's aluminum vase collection and find the ideal piece to beautify your home.


  • TWIST Single Flower Vase
  • MUSUBI Single Flower Vase
  • Window Frame Series Single Flower Vase
  • Hana-Asobi Flower Vase Set
  • Tips When Using ALART Aluminum Vases
  • Creative Flower Arrangements
  • Recommended Items

 TWIST Single Flower Vase

If you want to beautifully display a single bloom with height on a table, "TWSIT" is the perfect choice. The TWIST single flower vase is composed of a small glass bottle with an inter-twining aluminum frame. The frame is hand-twisted with the utmost precision, taking into consideration the varying climate of each season. 

The TWIST vase is one of ALART's most popular products and was chosen by MoMA, the Modern Museum of Art in New York. 

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Flower Choices

Flowers with height and curvature are a good match for the curved lines of the aluminum frame. Flowers that have droopy stems are also ideal for TWIST as the aluminum frame can help support the soft stems.

Spring : Stock flowers, Canola flowers, Freesias
Summer : Green Foxtail
Autumn : Cosmos flowers
Winter : Gerbera daisies 

Tips on Setting Flowers

1) Set the glass bottle filled with water near the center of the aluminum base.
2) Examine the twisted wire frame from above, and find an opening that will be an ideal spot to set the flower.
3) Gently insert the flower into that space and set the end into the glass bottle.  

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MUSUBI Single Flower Vase

"MUSUBI" is the perfect single flower vase for those blooms with a shorter stature. The frame for MUSUBI is made from a wider strip of aluminum and is also hand-knotted. This width creates a shadow on the aluminum and gives depth to the frame. 

MUSUBI comes in 2 colors. The silver metallic colored frame accentuates the organic beauty of flowers and greeneries, and has a modern flair. And the calm brown colored frame blends seamlessly into natural interior decors and highlights the vibrant color of flowers and greeneries. 

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Flower Choices

The wider strips of aluminum give the frame of MUSUBI a stronger presence.
A few seasonal flowers or even just a few green leaves from the garden can be made into an artistic floral decoration.

Spring : Pansies, Columbine flowers, spring greeneries
Summer : Green Foxtail, Ivy, Meadowsweet plant
Autumn : Cosmos flowers, Maple leaves, Leek flowers, Balloon flowers
Winter : Nandina (Heavenly Bamboo), well-shaped branches

Tips on Setting Flowers

1) Choose 1 flower with a leaf or 1 or 2 sprigs of greenery.
2) Examine the knotted wire frame from above and find an opening to place the glass tube. Try not to force the glass tube into an opening that does not have sufficient space.
3) Gently insert the flower into the glass tube and adjust the position of the flower.
4)Tilting the flower towards the longer end of the aluminum strip may give the composition a more balanced look.

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Window Frame Series Single Flower Vase

Enjoy the simple beauty of a single flower in harmony with the solitary lines of an aluminum frame.
This vase was manufactured in collaboration with an Echizen lacquerware manufacturer and consists of an aluminum frame affixed to an ash wood base with a glass tube.
The design of the frames is inspired by a moon-viewing window often found in traditional Japanese style rooms. 

The Window Frame series comes in 3 different designs. The above is the Gourd-shaped Window Frame design.
The 2 other designs are the Round Window Frame and the Rectangular Window Frame designs. 

Flower Choices

We recommend using 1 flower with a leaf or 1 flower with greenery. The composition is given a more dynamic feel when the tip of the flower or leaf extends out of the aluminum frame.

Long branches and sprigs with beautiful curvatures are wonderful with this vase.
Spring : Cherry blossoms
Summer : Green Foxtails
Autumn : Cosmos flowers, Maple leaves, Wild Chrysanthemums (slightly curved)
Winter : Nandina berries and leaves, Narcissuses, Wintersweet branches

Tips on Setting Flowers

1) Insert a long flower, leaf or branch inside the glass tube.
2) Adjust the position so that the tip of the flower or leaf gracefully extends out of the aluminum frame.  
3) Circle around the vase to find the best angle to readjust the flower or leaf if necessary.

This vase is perfect to be set on a credenza or the sill of a bay window. 

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Hana-Asobi Flower Vase Set

"Hana-Asobi" allows floral enthusiasts to create beautiful arrangements with ease and freedom. The aluminum bowls and 6 twisted wires can be combined to make arrangements in differing sizes and shapes. Translating to "playing with flowers" in Japanese, Hana-Asobi is exactly what this vase can help you do. It is one of ALART's most popular products.

The wires work like flower frogs that maintain the position of the flower inside the bowl. As the wires are intricately twisted, they hold the flowers upright from any angle; thus allowing even short-stemmed blooms to have a fuller look.

What makes this set unique is that the wires can be matched with other items such as wine glasses, bowls and plates. Any item that can hold water can instantaneously transformed into a vessel for a floral arrangement with the wires from Hana-Asobi.

The bowls come in 3 different sizes, the largest being approximately 21.5cm (8.6in) in width. 
The wires are all hand-twisted and can be combined to make large flower arrangements.

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Flower Choices

We recommend using flowers that are light in weight as the wire base is very light. When using flowers with thick stems, cut them short for easy placement  in the wire base.

Spring : Canola flowers, Marguerite daisy flowers, Pansies, Stock flowers
Summer : Roses, Rose Mallows, Hydrangeas+Iris leaves, Clematis flowers
Autumn : Cosmos flowers, Maple leaves, Balloon flowers, Dahlias
Winter : Nandina+pine, Camellias, Hyacinth flowers

Tips on Setting Flowers

Using Aluminum Bowls

1) Opt for the bowl that best suits the quantity of flowers you wish to use.
2) Place a twisted wire base in the bowl and take a close look to find openings where you may insert the flowers.
If you have difficulty finding an ideal opening, try flipping over the wire base and start over.
3) When selecting the biggest bowl, use two wire bases to construct a grand arrangement. Make sure the wires are firmly connected when attempting this method.
4) Insert the flower until the end of the stem is submerged in water.

Using a Wine Glass

You can create a charming floral decoration by combining one wire base with a wine glass. Gently balance the wire base on the rim of the wine glass and then place 2 or 3 flowers such as freesias or sweet pea flowers.   

Using a Glass Bowl

Set 1 wire base in a glass bowl. We used the Hirota Arare Pattern Edo Glass Kobachi Bowl for this arrangement. The design on the bottom of the bowl reflects beautifully on the table and gives a bright impression. When using just 1 wire base, we recommend using small, lightweight flowers, as the wire is very light.

Using a Ceramic or Stoneware Bowl

We used the Hibino Summum Mino Ware Bowl with two wire bases for our display of these blooms. 
Tightly combine 2 rings together for a stable base. Set the base into the bowl and then insert the flowers into the wires letting some flowers hang from the edge of the bowl. The combination of turquoise blue and the natural texture of the flowers is aesthetically pleasing and creates an idyllic balance. 

Using a Lacquerware Jubako bento box

For special occasions, design an arrangement with a lacquerware Jubako bento box. We placed 4 wire bases in the bottom tier of the Black Running Water Echizen Lacquerware Jubako bento box for this stunning floral decoration.

Carefully place the wire bases into the lacquerware Jubako to avoid scratching the smooth lacquerware surface. To emphasize the glossy sheen of lacquer, opt for branches with varying textures such as pine and large chrysanthemums.

This arrangement in lacquerware will make a stunning centerpiece when entertaining guests with a Japanese-inspired meal or commemorating a special occasion such as New Year or a special anniversary. 

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Tips When Using ALART Aluminum Vases

Here are some tips when handling flower vases from ALART. 

-The thin aluminum wire bases from Hana-Asobi may be finely adjusted but handle the wires with care as excessive force may cause damage to the aluminum.
-We recommend not to adjust the aluminum frames of TWIST and MUSUBI due to their robust nature. 
-Do not clean with metal sponges or abrasive cleansers.
-Dry all surfaces with a cloth after use. Though white spots may begin to appear on the aluminum surface over time, they do not pose any danger.
-All edges have been smoothed but be cautious when handling.

Creative Flower Arrangements   

There is true happiness in being surrounded by the things we love. And we can feel great satisfaction in adding a personal touch to shape and give form to those things we find beautiful and wish to cherish for a long time. Whether you are a flower enthusiast or someone who simply appreciates a seasonal bouquet, you can experience the joys of nature enhanced with the artistic silhouettes of vases from ALART. Transform a spot in a room or a windowsill into a beautiful oasis adorned with a creative floral display.

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ALART Aluminum Flower Vases

ALART is a brand created by Marushin Kinzoku Kogyo in 1947, when the company began a new search. The brand pursues the possibilities of aluminum based on the concepts of original ideas that break free from stereotypes, design that enhances the creativity of the user, and creative craftsmanship.

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Thinner porcelain is a better material than thick stoneware, allowing you to concentrate on the delicate flavors and aromas.

Also, a slightly smaller size, about the size of a sake cup or espresso cup, is better suited for gyokuro brewed in small quantities.

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