Seigado Metalwork

Seigado has a workshop at the foot of Mt. Yahiko in Niigata Prefecture, where high quality copper was discovered about 300 years ago and "Tsuiki'', the technique of hammering copperware has developed since then.

"Tsuiki'' is a metalworking technique that is derived from the words 'hammer' and 'raise', so this process literally means hammering and embossing copperware products. The traces of the hammering, the process of making are left as beautiful patterns on the products.

There's a saying in Japan that things improve with good use, and Seigado's products have a charm that naturally makes us want to take good care of them. 

About Seigado

What is "Tsuiki"?

"Tsuiki" is a type of metal crafting technique that involves hammering. Metal plates such as gold, silver, copper, and tin are hammered, shrunk, burnished, and embossed with large and small hammers and chisels.The process involves many steps and delicate handwork, so it requires a great deal of skill, and there are only a few craftsmen in Japan who can produce first-class metal crafts.

Mr. Ryota Nishikata

What has remained unchanged since I started this job is the feeling of "I really want to make everything!" I want to get even better at what I'm doing now, and I want to make the things I'm making even better. I have never stopped wanting to improve my skills and my products.

One of the traditional techniques of hammered copper ware is to hammer out a spout of kettle and an ear(protrusion) for a handle from a single copper plate. This is a technique that was lost in the past because it was too difficult, but we have revived it. Each time I complete it, I think I have made the best of it, but after a little while, I feel I should have done more. I would like to continue this never-ending challenge.

Mr. Hiroshi Nishikata

The point at which you feel "this is It!" really depends on the person. It depends on variety of factors such as one's taste, living environment, season and climate, as well as the age and health of the user.

Regardless of whether it is a mass-produced item or a handmade item like ours, whether it is expensive or inexpensive, if people choose to use our products when carefully comparing the two, we as craftsmen would be more than happy.

Tales of a Century (Hyakunen-Monogatari)

"Tales of a Century (Hyakunen-Monogatari)i" is a branding project from Niigata with the theme of "creating items that offer a new lifestyle that can be enjoyed, cared for, and passed on from generation to generation.

" The items featured here are not mass-produced items intended for mass consumption, but are carefully crafted in small batches and designed to last forever for their owners. Niigata, with its rich history of craftsmanship and vibrant energy, is pleased to present to the world this collection of items, designed to support as well as create a better style.

Tin Sake utensils

Tin has been used for more than 500 years as a special material for purifying and preserving water, as it is believed to have properties that make it resistant to water decay.

In recent years, tin sake cups have been attracting attention from "Toji" (chief brewers), and "Kurabito" (brewery workers) as a way to mellow the taste of sake.

The tin is said to soften the unfavorable taste of fusel oil produced during the brewing process, and draws attention as an item to enjoy sake from breweries, liquor stores, and restaurants.Seigado's tin products are mainly manufactured as sake cups. The forged form fits comfortably in the hand, and the beautiful stretch and luster of the finished product, which is hammered many times, makes the time enjoying Sake a special one.


Seigado has been pursuing the coloration and expression of copper materials since its establishment, and has continued to take on the challenge of developing technology to improve quality and make new attempts, while inheriting traditional techniques.Seigado's "indigo blue" and "madder red" colors elegantly and vividly decorate the dining room.

Signature Products

Seigado Indigo Blue Copper Sake Warmer

This is a sake warmer that makes good sake even more delicious. It is made by Seigado, which has a workshop in Niigata Prefecture.

Just put Tokkuri or Sake carafe in this sake warmer filled with hot water to warm it up. It can also be used on an open fire, but please use low heat when doing so. Due to its high thermal conductivity, please be careful when holding the handle after putting it on the fire. It is also suitable for filling with ice water and enjoying cold sake.

The copper plate is hammered to form the shape, and then hammered with a floral pattern. Using traditional techniques, the copper itself is colored golden purple and golden brown, and the finish is varied in hue. The handle is silver-waxed to make it durable. The bottom of the vessel has been pounded to make four legs.It is a perfect tabletop item to enjoy drinking time with family and friends.

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Seigado Chirori Tin Sake Carafe

This tin sake carafe is made by Seigado, which has a workshop in Niigata Prefecture. A pure tin sake carafe that mellows and brings out the flavor of sake. A single plate of pure tin is hammered into shape. It is characterized by its practicality and beautiful hammered surface, and has a soft atmosphere despite being made of metal.

Tin was prized as a material suitable for storing water and other things because of its ability to purify what is put inside it. It is also suitable for enjoying the taste of alcohol itself since it does not retain any odor.

It is suitable for heating sake by dipping it in a pot filled with hot water. The good thermal conductivity of the metal allows it to warm up quickly, and it also makes cold sake look cool and refreshing. Please be careful when holding the handle after warming it up.

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