ALART is a brand created by Marushin Kinzoku Kogyo in 1947, when the company began a new search. The brand pursues the possibilities of aluminum based on the concepts of original ideas that break free from stereotypes, design that enhances the creativity of the user, and creative craftsmanship.


Yasushi Mori

Yasushi Mori is a veteran ceramic artist who has been creating Bizen Ware for over fifty years as the 18th generation of Hozangama.

He has taken the tradition of Bizen Ware and incorporated new elements into his work in a diligent manner. He has held solo exhibitions throughout Japan for long time, and since 2000 he has been also working in his new studio in Hiroshima, also teaching young ceramic artists.

His works are unique, playful, and elegant, representing a modern Bizen Ware while preserving its traditions.


Materia and Expression

ALART is a factory brand that continues to pursue the possibilities of aluminum, which can only be proposed by aluminum professionals. Aluminum is still a young metal compared to iron, copper, and other metals, but its applications are expanding rapidly. With the growing industry calling for lighter weight and environmental friendliness, the range of applications for aluminum is expected to expand even further in the future.

The process of making a single piece of material into a single product involves many hands. The inorganic beauty of metal is combined with organic materials to create a new expression. ALART seeks to expand the possibilities of aluminum by adding new techniques. 

Procedure and Succession of Traditions

Since 1998, the company has taken on the challenge of manufacturing its own products, which represent the company. In 2006, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company's founding, the company introduced the HOMARE brand, which ranked ahead of ALART, with the theme of tradition and modernity. Not only aluminum, but other materials as well, have been introduced along with various traditional materials, drawing out their workability and possibilities. The company is also working to pass on the skills and techniques to give form to the craftsmanship that it has cultivated since its founding, and its products reflect the high level of precision it has achieved.

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