Toyoda Woodcraft

Toyoda Woodcraft has been manufacturing wooden fittings and traditional Kanuma Kumiko craftwork since its establishment in 1947. Using techniques cultivated in the tradition of fittings making, the company produces beautiful Kanuma Kumiko that combines wooden pieces delicately, making it more accessible as a daily life product and introducing aesthetic sensibility into lifestyle.

What is Kanuma Kumiko?

Kumiko craftwork is a traditional Japanese woodworking technique in which fine wooden pieces are assembled into a geometric pattern. Kanuma Kumiko is a traditional handicraft of Kanuma City in Tochigi Prefecture.

Kumiko craftwork is assembled without using any nails or metal fixtures, and is formed by cutting thousands of pieces of wood and assembling them by hand.

Kanuma Kumiko has been used for transoms and Shoji screens, and is considered the highest luxury item for decorating Japanese-style interiors. However, Toyoda Woodcraft is bringing traditional Kanuma Kumiko into modern and familiar products such as plates, trays, coasters, and other tableware.