Miyabi Urushi Kogei

Miyabi Urushi Kogei is a manufacturer of Kiso woodwork, a traditional wood craft of Nagano Prefecture in Japan. Working with skilled craftsmen, the company produces a variety of tableware and other traditional crafts that utilize the finest woods in Japan.

Charm of Miyabi Urushi Kogei Products

The appeal of Miyabi Urushi Kogei's woodwork is that quality wood grown over many years in Japan's rich natural environment is finished by skilled craftsmen into products that are comfortable and appealing to the senses.

The beautiful wood grain formed by the nature of the native forest that people have been maintaining in the Kiso Valley of Nagano Prefecture can only make use of craftsmen who know the forest and the lumber well. 

Kiso Hinoki has long been known as one of the best woods in tools for daily life. It is characterized by its beautiful luster and dense grain, and also has a refreshing fragrance. It has antibacterial properties and is resistant to water and moisture, making it especially suitable for tableware. Miyabi Urushi Kogei's products, such as sushi tubs, trays, and lunch boxes, are surely the result of craftsmen's skills to make the most of the characteristics of this wonderful natural material.

Highly Selected Wood Materials

The quality of the wood material itself is a key element of Miyabi Urushi Kogei's woodworking products. The wood grown in the natural forests of Kiso grows more slowly than other woods, making the annual rings denser and tighter.

It is only through the careful selection of these high-quality woods, and the eye of the craftsman who selects them for the suitable product, that the best woodworking products can be made.

The silky shine and beautiful grain of the natural wood itself, the light yet sturdy properties, and the fresh aroma of the wood all attest to the high quality of Miyabi Urushi Kogei's products.