Arita Porcelain Lab - Conic Series 

The Jubako Bento Box from Arita Porcelain Lab's Conic series is a truly unique piece that's as practical as it is beautiful. This one-of-a-kind bento box features three distinctly sized bowls and a plate each crafted by skilled artisans.

The Conic Series Bento Box is a three tiered bento box that can be stored in a conic shape. The gentle-colored bento boxes of Arita Porcelain Lab are uniquely designed to incorporate the traditional beauty of porcelain with modern functionality. This creatively designed item promises to transform your luncheons into occasions of sophistication.

Benefits of Conic Series Bento Box

1. Tiers of Surprise

The three tiered structure of the Conic arouses curiosity and surprise, making one wonder what delicious dish is hiding under each tier. It's a suitable bento box to accommodate your entire meal, from appetizers to fruits and desserts. Each tier is of a different size, so you can entertain your guests with charming little appetizers on the small plates, and use the larger plates for the main dishes.

2. Enjoying Various Arrangements and Colors

Once the Conic is opened, there are many ways you can arrange them as dishes. The smallest bowl can be placed on top of a lid/plate and serve as dipping sauce bowls. Various color variations of the Conic series allow you to choose the right shade for different occasions, ranging from the more gentle-colored blue and black, to the more extravagant gold series.

3. Easy to Store

Perhaps one of the best things about the Conic series is its storability. The three tiers of colorful plates gorgeously decorate your dining table, and after the meal is finished these entertaining dishes can be stored into a compact conic. This can be displayed around your kitchen as decoration itself. 

Available in 6 different colors

The Conic Series comes in six colors. The cool blue might be a good choice for a more casual taste, while the shiny black can match with any dish. For a more extravagant presentation and a fabulous dining experience, the luxurious gold and silver colors would be ideal.