29 June 2022

The Whole New Shokado Style -How To Use Hibino Modern Bento Box

The Shokado bento box was originally created in the Edo period (1603-1868) and is now used in Japanese restaurants all over the world. This time, I tried to using a Modern Shokado Bento Box made by Hibino Ceramic, a company that continues to provide high-quality tableware for many top restaurants and hotels.

What is the Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box?

Shokado bento is usually prepared by placing the food directly on a wooden box with dividers or a combination of small plates in a layout.

Hibino's modern Shokado bento box set consists of a wooden box made of solid ash wood and a perfectly fitting Mino ware bowls.

The wooden box has a very elegant texture, as it was made by a craftsman in Sabae City, which has long prospered in the manufacturing of wood products. Wooden products tend to show differences in quality at the seams, but this one is very beautiful even at the seams.

Mino ware bowls have a modern coloring and are attractive enough to be used on their own. It may also be quite convenient that they can be stacked and stored.

Nice and beautiful fitting! Makes serving much more fun

First, the dishes were stuffed into Mino ware bowls.To prevent the flavors from transferring, I put the grilled food, fruit, and rice in separate containers.

I prepared lunch boxes for several people at the same time, and as you can see in the photo, I used the necessary bowls for each dish, such as grilled fish for two and fruit for three, so serving was easy and quick. Also, the bowls are stackable, so there is no need to worry about where to put them, which is convenient when kitchen space is limited.

After stuffing the dishes into the bowl, set them in the wooden box. The feeling of a perfect fit is very pleasant. Even if you are not confident about the layout, the stylish bowls create a nice atmosphere, making serving more fun than ever.

Once the dish is stuffed in the bowl, the bowl is set in the wooden box. The sensation of fitting perfectly is very pleasant. Even if I was not confident about the layout, the stylish vessels created a nice atmosphere, and I enjoyed the time spent worrying about the placement.

Cleanup is quick and easy

After the fun party is over, it is time to clean up.I always thought that carrying used dishes back and forth from the dining table to the kitchen was a difficult task and made guests feel uncomfortable.

When I tried this modern Shokado bento box, I found it more functional and convenient than I had imagined, being able to clean the table right away by simply carrying away the whole box.

A functional and beautiful item for all scenes

As expected of Hibino Ceramic, which produces a lot of tableware for professionals, the Shokado bento is not only beautiful to look at, but also perfectly functional. From wooden box to small bowls, every detail is beautiful, so it will be very useful in other situations than just bento lunches.

If you are interested in this product, please take a look at the details here.

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