Arita Porcelain Lab Black Line Conic Modern Jubako Bento Box

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A bold luminous black conic "Jubako" bento box for your picnic and home dining. 

This bento box can not only be used stacked as a Jubako, but the three bowls and plate can also be used individually. Furthermore, it can be stored compactly, saving space and allowing for use like a modern "Oryoki."

The shiny black base color is created by the brushing of black glaze onto the porcelain. The inner layer is glazed creating a smooth surface. The outer surface is not glazed, retaining a matte layer of clay, decorated with white stripes. 

The three-tiered structure of the conic bento box arouses curiosity and surprise, making one wonder what delicious dish is hiding under each tier. It's a suitable bento box to accommodate your entire meal, from appetizers to fruits and desserts.

Each bowl is of a different size, so you can entertain your guests with charming little appetizers in the small bowls, and use the larger plate for the main dish. The smallest bowl can be placed on the lid/plate to be used as a dipping sauce bowl.

Arita Porcelain Lab is a brand/company revived by the seventh generation of Yazaemon as a successor to the long-established Arita porcelain kiln established in 1804. Arita Porcelain Lab’s products maintain the traditional style of Arita porcelain while modernizing the color scheme. 


  • Quantity: Set of 3 bowls with lid/plate
  • Dimension[Set]D17cm(6.7in) x H15cm(5.9in)/
    [Each Bowl(small to large)] D9cm(3.5in) x H4cm(1.6in), D11.8cm(4.6in) x H4.2cm(1.7in), D15.8cm(6.2in) x H6.3cm(2.5in)]/[Lid/Plate D17cm(6.7in) x H2.5cm(1in)] 
  • Material: Porcelain 
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Arita Ware
  • Brand: Arita Porcelain Lab



Arita Porcelain Lab is a brand/ company revived by Yazaemon VII as a successor to the long-established Arita porcelain kiln established in 1804. To make Arita porcelain a global brand, the company has been working to create modern Arita porcelain that is in tune with modern lifestyles while incorporating the more than 200 years of traditions.

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Arita Ware, made in the town of Arita in Saga Prefecture, is the oldest porcelain production area in Japan's history. Arita porcelain is characterized by its translucent white porcelain surface, dyeing using "Gosu" (indigo pigment), and gorgeous red painting using glassy overglaze pigments (red, green, yellow, purple, and blue). The pottery is highly durable and is produced in a wide variety of styles, from fine art to daily necessities. It was exported to Europe, where it was prized as fine art and called "white gold".

 Arita Ware is also a prestigious brand that is admired by ceramicists from other regions as a representative porcelain production area.

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