Kakusho Kiln Cat Mikawachi Ware Chopstick Rest Set

JPY ¥4,000

This charming chopstick rest embodies the elegance and whimsy of cats. Hand-painted blue lines depict the adorable sleeping faces of two cats, each slightly different from the other, creating a sense of serenity and humor. It is not just a functional piece, but a conversation starter at any dining setting.

This rest boasts a stable weight ensuring your chopsticks stay in place. The unglazed bottom provides an excellent grip on the table, while the thoughtfully curved back nestles your chopsticks with ease.

Mikawachi, located in the current Nagasaki Prefecture, is a historical region known for its Sometsuke porcelain ware. Historically, its kilns served the lordship of the Hirado Domain. Compared to Arita ware, Mikawachi ware's Sometsuke features a softer, gentler shade of blue, renowned for its intricately detailed paintings.

Kakusho Kiln is one of the prestigious kilns that served the lordship of Hirado Domain, and values the elegant beauty and gracefulness in the balance between white porcelain and fine blue paintings. Their craftspeople are skilled in the use of the gentle shades of blue characteristic of Mikawachi ware, and enhances its presence with the beauty of white porcelain.


  • Quantity: Set of 2
  • Dimension: W6cm(2.4in) × D2.6cm(1in) × H2.1cm(0.8in)
  • Material: Porcelain 
  • Origin: Made in Japan - Mikawachi Ware
  • Brand: Kakusho Kiln


A historically presitigious kiln which used to serve the lordship of Hirado Domain in the Edo Period (1600 CE-1867 CE). Kakusho Kiln has passed on the traditional art of Blue and White for more than 300 years.The light-weight and elegant porcelain smooth to the touch. The soft and gentle shade of blue kind to the eye. 

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Mikawachi Ware, also known as Hirado Ware, is a pottery made in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Known for its translucent white porcelain, it was highly popular in Europe during the trend toward Japanese crafts in the West in the 20th century. Mikawachi Ware is remarkable for its delicate modeling techniques that push the limits of porcelain, such as openwork and relief carving, and for its beautiful painting that looks like a single piece of art.

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