Table Setting #10 Cute and Modern Style Matcha Bowl

Matcha green tea is gaining more and more attention around the world. You may think that it is difficult to learn how to drink matcha from the impression of tea ceremonies, but in reality, you can enjoy it easily at home. Matcha cafes, where you can enjoy matcha and Japanese desserts, are increasing in number in Japan, and this is a cafe-style setting.
Please enjoy the fragrant and healthy matcha in your favorite matcha bowl.

The rich thickness of the bowl helps keep the warmth of the freshly prepared matcha green tea drink, making it ideal for tea ceremonies during the cold season. The soft colors of the match bowl will bring a smile and peace to your heart. It will be a great gift to yourself or for your friends.

At first glance, This plate looks like wood but it is made of stoneware with a stone-like texture. Perfect for serving main dish, dessert and etc. It adds a touch of elegance, as if served in restaurant. It is an exquisite piece suitable for both daily use or when entertaining guests.