Table Setting #41
Japanese Lunch In Vivid Yellow & Green Color Of Kutani Ware

Combining traditional Kutani ware with a modern long rectangular plate is an unexpected yet brilliant matching. Kutani Yaki has fine patter
ns and the bright colors of Japanese paints make the table look very colorful.

I set Kutani ware sauce plates and small bowls on top of Hibino's modern and stylish long rectangular plates. Thanks to the elegant impression of Kutani ware, the overall setting became more refined. The small bowl has a deep depth, so it can be used for desserts or "Chawanmushi" (steamed egg custard) in addition to simmered food. 

For the rice bowl, I chose a medium size bowl from Hibino. The dark color on the rim complements the pale color and creates a stylish atmosphere. For the soup bowl, I chose a Yamanaka lacquerware soup bowl made by hollowing out a cherry tree. The wood grain gives a warm impression and is perfect for hot soup. 

To match the tableware, I displayed a Kutani ware vase for a single flower. It is a small, palm-sized vase, but its detailed painting and vivid colors enhances simple flowers. It is a recommended item to add color to your daily life, not only on the dining table, but also at the entrance or on a small shelf.