Furoshiki Patchin - Bag Handle

JPY ¥3,700
Color: Brown

Only 6 pieces in stock!

This Furoshiki Patchin is a very convenient item to turn a Furoshiki into a bag, just pass the four ends through each hole of the handles.

Made of natural wood, it goes well with Furoshiki and can create a Japanese atmosphere.

The magnets on the inside of the patches make it easy to open and close the bag.
It is 24.5cm(9.64in) large, which makes it suitable for making bags with wide opening.

See our Furoshiki collection to find the right one for this unique item.


  • Quantity: 1 (manual included)
  • Dimension: 24.5cm(9.64in) × 4.5cm(1.77in) × 1cm(0.39in)
  • Material: Wood
  • Origin: Made in Japan


Yamada Sen-i was founded in 1959 as a furoshiki manufacturer and wholesaler in Kyoto, Japan. As one of the few manufacturers specializing in Furoshiki, the company continues to promote the aesthetics and traditions of Furoshiki culture in order to pass on the environmentally friendly and sustainable furoshiki to the next generation. Through the furoshiki culture, Yamada Sen-i hopes to propose lifestyles that are friendly to the earth and to people, and to help create an affluent society.


Japan has long had a culture of wrapping gifts and souvenirs in furoshiki. It is believed that the furoshiki has the thoughtfulness of wrapping the sender's heart as well. Furoshiki has also been attracting more and more attention in recent years due to its eco-friendliness, as it can be used repeatedly. It can be folded in a variety of ways, can wrap objects of various shapes, and can be used for a variety of purposes other than wrapping, such as bags, scarves, and tapestries.